Monday, 14 March 2011


Dervishes In Space - A Science Fashion Film in three Chapters. 

Directed by Cristian Straub /
Produced by Riese Farbaute /

Director of Photography: Jakob Suess
Camera Assistants: Sebastian Keim, Jonas Schaul
Gaffer: Max Toennis
Lighting: Jonas Link, Niklas Bastian

Hair&Make-Up: Marianna Mukuchyan @ Optix Agency
Styling: Louisa Ritter-Witt @ Profiteam, Hamburg
Styling Assistant: Aylin Alp
Model: Mara Declair @ PMA Models
Set Photography: Elena Getzieh

First AD: Inna Knaus
Set Organisation: Rike Hoppse
Set Design: Kevin Paulsen
Props: Hang Aoki

Music: Envitre, Cristian Straub
Sound Design & Mixing: Pablo Paolo Kilian
Title Animation: Daniele Manoli

Shot on RED, Olympus iSpeed-3 and Canon 60d

Video's from YouTube

Sunday, 6 March 2011


So it took me a little longer to put these but here is some of my quick cape designs. And then I thought if I am going to make this cape then I should make a whole outfit that I could wear with it, so here is the rough trousers and shirt designs I want to make too :D


Saturday, 5 March 2011


For a few years I have known about Big Edie and Little Edie, relations of Jackie Kennedy, but I had not watched the documentary before now. I wish I had done so earlier. I think I fell in love. 

These two women are just so slightly quirky and funny and full of love for each other that they have ended up driving each other crazy. I became so emotionally attached to them when watching it. Little Edie becomes the star of the documentary from the first thing she says on camera that her 'costume' is the best for today. She is so creative with what she wears and because of this was the inspiration for the now disgraced John Galliano's Spring 2008 collection and is now one of the unlikely fashion icons.

A lot of people on a forum have said that they are mentally unstable but I think they have slight quirks and are a little eccentric because they have lived alone together for such a long time. 

I won't say much more but do watch it. It will touch you and you will fall in love with them both as much as I did.

Friday, 4 March 2011


I am not a seasoned ballet goer so I don't know what good or bad is. I know what I like and what I fall for though  and that is what happened last night when I went to see Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: the Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. 

I was enchanted by it! I loved the way the dancers moved and the clarity of the story telling. The cast were gorgeous and the characters were eccentric and loveable (even the queen of hearts!) The costumes were amazing but they did leave a little to be desired. I wanted just a tad more oomph! 

Another thing that amazed me was the use of all the technical abilities of the theatre. There was animation, puppetry, morphable sets and sooo many lights in sooo many amazing kaleidoscopic colours.

It made me realise that designing for ballet is something I am not only interested in but dying to try! I love movement in theatre and how the costumes have to accommodate this and think the challenge and restraints make the designing more exciting. 

Here are a few images (that I do not own) just to give you a sense of the magic and joy the production brought.

 The Advertising poster


I just love this collection Riccardo Tisci has created for Givenchy Menswear (AW11). It's tough and young yet quirky and fun enough to appeal to the fashion forward. The well thought out designs have been inspired by British council estates dogs and there is a youthful feel to it all.

I particularly love the fact that there are shorts for winter worn over thick tights. On men!! Leggings and tights on men have recently been seen on menswear catwalks for a year or two now and although they have not always been met with open arms the persistence of innovative designers are making the trend stay.

The styling is a great feature of this collection. Layer upon layer, texture upon texture and just enough edgy fun injected with dog eared hats. A look I will definitely be trying soon.

Here are a few highlights (All images are not mine but from . Complete collection:


Sunday, 27 February 2011


So for a while now I have been wanting to buy/make a cape. Well make really. I have not made anything in ages and forever so I need to crack out the sewing machine and get on it!

I love Alexander McQueens AW11 Collection which has an oversized nature and I love the MASSIVE collars. I want to create something like that in mine. I'm going to knock out some designs later but for now here is some MAN CAPE inspiration!

Alexander Mcqueen AW11

 Alexander Mcqueen AW11

Paul Smith

Alexis Mabille SS11

The Victorian Gent

Friday, 18 February 2011

Face Painting of Fantasies

ALEX BOX is so much more than a make up artist, she is a fine artist who paints not on a canvas but the face. She can create pure fantasy through colour, pattern, texture... Everything! 

I always find her inspiring and have the last image on my wall as a reminder that there is no limits to creativity if you don't limit yourself.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


A little sample of London Street Style.

I saw this girl and I just had this story about a girl who turns into a sheep but has to carry on as a girl in the day. Like swan lake, just a bit more rural.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tilda Swinton

So I don't really know why I like Tilda so much. I have not seen many of her films and on the whole I don't know that much about her. Yet every time I see pictures of her I just feel so inspired. She has such a great face. That gorgeous, androgynous face with those chiseled cheekbones and and intense naked eyes, I often think about her when sketching models for my designs.

I had known about her before but my love of her was born when I saw this editorial in AnOther Magazine (issue16 SS2009). The cover star, modelling the new Spring/Summer designs of the freshest and most exciting talent of recent fashion. The styling combined with the attitude, elegance and poise Tilda brings to the photographs just struck me. Hard.

It's difficult to describe what I felt, and what I still feel, when I look at these images but I just love the fantastical, romantic,mysterious, powerful edge that the outfits conjure. Tilda plays the role of this strong, extraordinary woman beautifully. The emotive face never says too much but still captures the imagination.

They may bot be knew but imagination never has to be on trend.