Friday, 4 March 2011


I am not a seasoned ballet goer so I don't know what good or bad is. I know what I like and what I fall for though  and that is what happened last night when I went to see Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: the Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. 

I was enchanted by it! I loved the way the dancers moved and the clarity of the story telling. The cast were gorgeous and the characters were eccentric and loveable (even the queen of hearts!) The costumes were amazing but they did leave a little to be desired. I wanted just a tad more oomph! 

Another thing that amazed me was the use of all the technical abilities of the theatre. There was animation, puppetry, morphable sets and sooo many lights in sooo many amazing kaleidoscopic colours.

It made me realise that designing for ballet is something I am not only interested in but dying to try! I love movement in theatre and how the costumes have to accommodate this and think the challenge and restraints make the designing more exciting. 

Here are a few images (that I do not own) just to give you a sense of the magic and joy the production brought.

 The Advertising poster

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