Saturday, 5 March 2011


For a few years I have known about Big Edie and Little Edie, relations of Jackie Kennedy, but I had not watched the documentary before now. I wish I had done so earlier. I think I fell in love. 

These two women are just so slightly quirky and funny and full of love for each other that they have ended up driving each other crazy. I became so emotionally attached to them when watching it. Little Edie becomes the star of the documentary from the first thing she says on camera that her 'costume' is the best for today. She is so creative with what she wears and because of this was the inspiration for the now disgraced John Galliano's Spring 2008 collection and is now one of the unlikely fashion icons.

A lot of people on a forum have said that they are mentally unstable but I think they have slight quirks and are a little eccentric because they have lived alone together for such a long time. 

I won't say much more but do watch it. It will touch you and you will fall in love with them both as much as I did.

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