Wednesday, 5 January 2011


SO I have wanted to start Blogging for ages now but I just haven't because I thought my opinion wasn't good enough or I just wouldn't know what to post. But whatevuuuur I'm going to post and who gives a plop if its a load of old shitcakes. I want to write about the shit in my life that inspires me, or makes me laugh or cringe. Just stuff that I want to boast about and stuff.

So no-one is reading this at the mo but that doesn't matter at the moment. I know that there are so many blogs out there that have much more focus and valid views than mine but I just want to make this somewhere that I can spill out my guts about a new trend I think makes people look like pandas with IBS.

I don't know what the name is about either... Just was thinking of names that would relate to me and what I wanted to post here and that seemed fitting. I am going to post things that I find visually interesting. [photographs I take, photographs others take, illustrations I do street style I see, articles, editorials and other things I like, Maybe one day I will have to express my love of the colour green and all the shades that I like.]

It's basically a self indulgent hole that I can pour thoughts into and a space where I can just say things and not give a fuuuuck.

So there.

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